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Product Description

where is the love? well.. it is in the softeeze cushion
a fantastic gift idea for valentine or for someone who just in love.
Want to send some love, this is the way to do it!
This cushion has so much to give out, it compliments softness with the love that we put into every single Heart Cushion.
same softastic strechy fabric, filled with tiny fine polystyrene beads.
double layered and with reinforced seam
machine washable and dryable.

Why is this ___ so lovable?

Made by hand and still using the same high quality materials such as spandex stretchy fabric that filled with fine tiny micro polystyrene beads inside. All of this make our Softeeze animal range such a great pillow toy that brings joy to anyone.

The Softeeze cushions are fully machine washable and dryable (always read the label) and conforms to all British, EU and US regulation for child safety such EN71.

You may notice that Softeeze pillows are stronger, bigger, stretchier, softer, squishier, fuller, cuddlier, lovelier, nicer, cheaper (value for money of course) with a tighter seamed and double stitched.

why the softeeze is the best micorbead pillow you will find in the market?

There are three words to explain it… patience, time and cuteness.

Our Softeeze pillow has a great and unique shape and uses the highest quality materials

in the plush toy industry. The exterior material is made of a new mixture of spandex/nylon fabric

that’s makes it durable and stretchable at the same time. But our secrete ingredient is within the pillow… we use an imported (not Chinese made) micro-polyester beads that are less than 1/4 of a millimetre in size, that is our winning formula to create the softest pillow around! But shhhh don’t spread the word please! As most of the other basic manufactures  are using beads larger than ours and lighter than ours, so let’s keep it between us, ok?


The Softeeze range is a great and practical gift that will stay around for a long time and be used more often than other gift ideas you may look for at the same price tag.


Additional Information

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 14 cm


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