The story behind the softeeze brand

I am Eldad, an entrepreneur for more than 21 years. I am a “planet planet earth” kind of person who travels between places and cultures looking for new ventures and good people.
I was always fascinated in people and how can I help them…this short page is not about my C.V as I would like to focus and tell you in a brief about my softeeze brand.
I started the softeeze brand back in Aug 2005, (with a huge help of a very dear friend of mine, who then was an acquaintance and the investor behind our company) here in the UK, to be more accurate , North West London.
those days I was selling different giftware products but I was looking for a product that will give me the ability to keep creativity in my work and that bring joy and comfort to my customers.
following dozens of travels to China, numerous attempt with so many Chinese suppliers and after I was stung and got hit financially so many times and lost so much money there, I finally came across a lovely Chinese family based north to the  yellow river who runs a large factory in their town.
What I liked there, not like most of the Chinese suppliers I worked with, is that the owner is also a school teacher  (I went to see him at his work, which was an amazing experience) and in his factory he hires people from all ages , especially pensioners.
I found this really different while watching how they run the factory vs all other places I visited before.
With the years we built a fantastic relationship which obviously effected the quality of our softeeze microbeads pillow as at end of the day, our microbeads pillow are hand made throughout the whole process beside the fabric manufacturing and colouring, all is made by hand! even the prints on the fabric is made manually one by one.
The time I spent there I took to help the owner to train his stuff to reach a very high quality of cushion which was very important for me.
Now days after almost 10 years I can see the feedback we have from customers confirming my effort all those years.

I hope you will enjoy any of our cushion in the range and if you have any question what so ever, please do not hesitate to write to us.

Have a softastic time


the first softeeze movie we made in 2007..