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Softeeze Convertible 2 in 1

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Product Description

Softeeze convertible 2 in 1 ! NEW and exclusive 

 NEW! Softeeze convertible microbead cushion.

If you are familiar with the softeeze  microbead cushion collection, then this one will be one of the best you will ever have!
The Softeeze convertible is an ingenious invention. What Softeeze people did was to take the two most popular travel cushions , the tube pillow and the U shape neck support pillow and put them in one!
so, what do you get?  you can convert the U neck shape in to a rectangle shape in a matter of seconds!
then you get a cushion that can be used for so many usages! for your neck when you are at home or on the go, for your lower back for lumbar support, between your leg to keep you back straight and under your knees, as a normal pillow and just a soft pillow to cuddle with.

Still filled with thousands of micro polystyrene bead that makes the softeeze pillow so soft, however, not like the other cushions in the Softeeze range is has a fabric mix of cotton and spandex which makes it, what we think, much more pleasant.
The cushions come with a very useful elastic strap and a buckle which  will come in very handy when you’re looking for a way to carry your Softeeze around or attach it to the car head rest. They’re still super soft, super squashed and machine washable dryable. what can we say? they’re just Softastic.
What are you waiting for? Get one now.

why the softeeze is the best micorbead pillow you will find in the market?

There are three words to explain it… patience, time and cuteness.

Our Softeeze pillow has a great and unique shape and uses the highest quality materials

in the plush toy industry. The exterior material is made of a new mixture of spandex/nylon fabric

that makes it durable and stretchable at the same time. But our secrete ingredient is within the pillow… we use an imported (not Chinese made) micro-polyester beads that are less than 1/4 of a millimetre in size, that is our winning formula to create the softest pillow around! But shhhh don’t spread the word please! As most of the other basic manufactures  are using beads larger than ours and lighter than ours, so let’s keep it between us, ok?


The Softeeze range is a great and practical gift that will stay around for a long time and be used more often than other gift ideas you may look for at the same price tag.


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Weight 330 kg
Dimensions 34 x 17 x 9 cm


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